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Surface Patterns

2019 Black Bird Series

Repeating pattern, made from linocut and hand-pressed on silk haboti. 


'Acorns and Black Birds'


'Hide n' Seek in Beech' 


2018 - 2019 Master's Exploration 

Exploring the ideas of the feminine ideal, embroidery, domesticity and generations through out history by reapproperatnig vintage tablecloths into custom historical corsets. 

Bellow is a few of the possible constructions from tablecloth for one corset.

online course
18th Cent
Frock Coat

2017 Tailoring Studio Set

Instructor Katrina Lawton

Director Gary Lawton

Set Design, set construction and onset assistant. 


2016 The Gallery, Arts University Bournemouth, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Lighthouse, Poole Centre for the Arts

Exhibition curated by Adel Keeley, Wayne Martin and Bunny Winter. 

The design and exhibition was in response to the Russian Жар-пти́ца. This Russian ballet composed by Igor Stravinsky and choreographed by Michel Fokine, was written for the Paris season of Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes in 1910.

Beasts and Beauties

2015 Arts University Bournemouth

Character Designs for Beast and Beauties consisting of various plays including Blur Bird, The Husband and many more.