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Figure Drawing
of Self

2018 Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize Submission

The drawing consist of my personal drafted bodice block. Depicting my three-dimensional form in a two-dimensional representation. Hence, a figure drawing of myself.  

Flocks of
a Feather

2013 Wingtip Press

Various lino prints of birds on found vintage objects including; gloves, handkerchiefs, and stationary. Exploring identity, attire and the feminine ideal through the metaphor of 'like a bird'.  


Love Entwined 

2011 Boise State University

Exploration of hair, identity and objects of affection through linocut, collagraph and intaglio printmaking.  

You Are What You Wear  - Shirt Series 

2011 - 2014 Wingtip Press and Boise State University

Exploration of identity through attire and mass production via monotype prints.  

Exhibited at The Crux Gallery, curated by Tony Capri and Kelly J Morgan. 

Bound to Please -
Bird Hair Pieces 

2011 Boise State University

Exploration of the feminine ideal, fashion and history through found objects and sculpture.  

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